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K&B Vintage Engines

.20 Sportster
.28 Sportster
.45 Sportster
.65 Sportster
.40 & .61
1.00 aero
3.5 Ducted Fan
7.5 Ducted Fan
.48 Ducted Fan
.82 Ducted Fan
1.00 Ducted Fan

Veco .19
Torpedo Greenhead
Torpedo 15 & 40
K&B 40S
K&B 6.5cc

  HB Engines
(Made in Germany and USA)
MECOA Wildcat .15
MECOA Wildcat .28
  Conquest .15 (made by Cox, K&B, and RJL)
RJL K.61

Cunningham/Orwick .65
D.E.W. or Kustom .51
Edco .65 and Hassad Blue Streak .65
Forster 99
Forster .29-.35
Holland Hornet .049
Remco .29
Snipe & Heron
Taipan .40 (made in Australia)

Testor McCoy Series 21 .29 .35 .40
Testor McCoy Series 21 .19

(Black Head, Finned Case)

HP (Hirtenberger) Engines
(made in Austria and USA)
HP .20 Gold Cup and Silver Star
HP .40 Gold Cup and Silver Star
HP .61 Gold Cup and Silver Star
HP 1.20 Power Twin
HP.61 Early 4 Bolt Head
HP VT.21&.25
HP VT.49 & 61
Kavan FK50    
Misc Engines we have parts for
HGK Engines
Kraft .61
Mutunuc Millennium .61/.65 (made in Taiwan)


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