We do not offer repair service or technical help for ENYA engines. Sorry

How to order and shipping and handling charges are listed in "ordering information".

Most ENYA parts are very limited supply.


This information may help you narrow your search results...
Many of the ENYA part numbers will start with the engine size like 15410 will be for a 15, or an 180x03 will be for a 1.80 . There are parts that fit other size engines like 19 and 35 will be mixed so if you have a 35 some parts my start with 29.
So use the link above and search by your size, and if you know they made a similar engine, like the 29 & 35, or 40 & 45, search by both sizes.

To see the entire list of parts available -- Click Here

If you want to share a good scan of an ENYA parts sheet you may have
email it to me and I will post it here.

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