All about early Perry Carburetors

We do not own Perry and only have some parts because of the engine companies we own used them in the past.
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These are the first small body Perry's with the spring needle. The came in 3 body sizes.
No identifying markings on the body

These were originally used on the McCoy Series 21, Conquest .15, and HB engines.
HB in Germany actually made all the Perry Carburetors for Perry until he sold the business in the 1980's

All dimensions are in inches and approximate as they were taken from samples.

Perry also made carburetors with gray or silver color plastic. None were ever made from aluminum.
(except some prototypes machined from bar)

All dimensions are in inches (approximate taken from samples)

Large Body

Medium Body

Small Body

Venturi bell outside diameter

Mixture Disk diameter

Width of plastic body
Barrel diameter
Any Perry that has a short nub where the needle screws in uses the needle with the spring.
All dimensions are in inches (approximate taken from samples)

Large Needle

medium needle

Small needle

Knurled Diameter
Tip Body Diameter between thread and start of taper
Overall Length
Length from tip of needle to face of knurled knob
On the large body the pump carb uses a larger thread that is the same as the O-ring sealed needle.
Note on small needle we have seen 2 different tapers Click here

The style below uses an O-ring seal on the needle. You can see the nub is longer so the O-ring has a place to seal.

These carburetors usually have "Perry" molding into into the body.

More info will be posted in the future