RJL K. 61 and KRAFT .61

All parts interchange between Kraft .61 and RJL K.61. We found some older version back covers may shrink slightly over a period of 10+ years depending on fuel additives used by some manufacturers. This will cause the O-ring seal to be ineffective and cause erratic performance. Replace entire back cover if you have this problem.

K.61 Carburetors have been basically the same throughout production. The only change has been to the barrel and throttle arm. This latest design will fit all earlier versions.

Older Kraft carburetors used 3 different needle valves. The first Kraft carburetors used shiny nickel plated needles, black needles and needles with brass knobs. They all have different threads so be sure and order the right ones. Idle and main needles will match in color.

Exploded View of RJL K.61 engine
Engine Parts
Part No.


10-0101 Crankcase
11-0101 Head
12-0101 Cylinder
13-0101 Piston w/snaps
14-0101 Piston Ring
15-0101 Wrist Pin
16-0101 Connecting Rod
17-0101 Crankshaft
18-0001 Rear Bearing
18-0002 Front Bearing
19-0101 Prop Drive Collet
20-0101 Prop Driver
21-0101 Rear Cover w/O-ring
23-0101 Prop Washer
24-0101 Prop Nut
25-0101 Engine Screw Set
25-0131 Muffler Screw Set w/wrench
26-0101 Snap rings for wrist pin Set of 2
27-0121  O-ring Back Cover
27-0181 Carb Neck O-ring
27-0182 O-ring - K.61 Main Needle
27-0183 O-ring - K.61 Idle needle
28-0101 Carb draw bar
30-0101 Standard Muffler
30-0102 Hush Muffler (quiet)
30-0150 Muffler Extension ½" long (longer available)
30-0191 K.61 POWER TIP
30-0192 K.61 HUSH TIP

RJL carburetor parts
Part No.


80-0101 Kraft .61, K.61(ALSO FITS HP61)
81-0101 Carb body K.61
82-0101 K.61 Carb barrel (For early metal throttle arm)
82-0102 K.61 Carb barrel (For late Nylon throttle arm)
83-0101 K.61 Throttle arm (old style metal)
83-0102 K.61 Barrel spring
83-0103 K.61 throttle arm C clip
84-0101 K.61 fuel nipple
84-0102 K.61 Throttle arm nut (for old style metal arm)
84-0103 K.61 Barrel cam screw
84-0104 K.61 Throttle arm nut (for nylon arm)
85-0101 K.61 High Speed Needle valve
85-0102 K.61 Low Speed Needle valve
86-0101 K.61 plastic throttle arm

old KRAFT carburetor parts
Part No.


83-0121 Kraft needle ratchet
83-0122 Kraft throttle arm
85-0121 Kraft Carb chrome plate High Speed Needle valve
85-0122 Kraft Carb chrome plate Low Speed Needle valve
85-0123 Kraft Carb brass knob High Speed Needle valve
85-0124 Kraft Carb brass knob Low Speed Needle valve
85-0125 Kraft Carb black High Speed Needle valve
85-0126 Kraft Carb black Low Speed Needle valve

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