The Italian Thoroughbred

Compagnucci Racing Model Cars are the Hottest on the market. Not some mass produced toy department stuff, these cars are built in Italy with performance you can expect.

Unlike other cars on the market that use model glow fuel, this is the first 1/8 scale car available with a powerful genuine gasoline engine using a real automotive type electronic spark ignition and forced air cooling.
Not a little .21 glow engine
THIS IS A BIG .39 cubic inch GAS BURNER
The Compagnucci gasoline-powered car is inexpensive to operate due to an efficient, two stroke engine design that uses unleaded fuel with a small amount of oil mixed in as a lubricant.
Ferrari F50
  • Our cars feature long running times (30 to 40 min. approx.) for plenty of race time.
  • Compagnucci cars are easy to start and easy to drive - Setup adjustments are not necessary thanks to our exclusive suspension design
Think of these advantages:
  • No more pull starts. Easy bump starting.
  • No more starter boxes
  • No more castor/synthetic fuel mess
  • Compagnucci model cars come with a high quality and very practical transport case which is used to carry both the car and all of your accessories.

Technical Features:

  • Belts used for power transmission
  • 4-wheel drive (standard)
  • Geared rear & front differential
  • 4 wheel independent suspension
  • Adjustable shock absorbers
  • Monocoque body frame
All cars are pre-assembled and individually tested before leaving the factory.
There is nothing to stop you from enjoying your car from the moment you receive it.
Compagnucci CARS
Shipping to Continental US only
Complete, assembled, ready to run with Spark Ignition Engine and Radio
Compagnucci Real Gas Not Nitro 4wd
Shipping to Continental USA only
RICE ROCKET -- lexan body

Compagnucci Real Gas Not Nitro 4wd
Shipping to Continental USA only

Compagnucci Real Gas Not Nitro 4wd
Shipping to Continental USA only
EXOTIC -- lexan body

Each car is complete and ready to run with:
  • 2CH, AM transmitter with interchangeable frequency crystals, made by Futaba
  • AM R/C receiver (installed in the car)
  • Gasoline powered engine using spark plug ignition. No glow plugs.
  • Electronic ignition unit
  • Twin NiCd 4.8 Volt 850 mAh battery packs. (These provide power to both electronic ignition unit and radio receiver)
  • 2 servo controls
  • 12 volt fast battery charger
  • Cut Clear Lexan body shell
  • 1 set of decorative, self adhesive decals
  • 1 set of wrenches
  • Starter adapter
  • A complete, easy to follow instruction/maintenance manual
  • Canvas carrying case

The car is equipped with a 6 oz. (125 cc) fuel tank that allows approximately 30 to 40 minutes of running time.

Single cylinder 2-stroke "MAC 6" 6.28 cc (about 39 cu. in.) gasoline engine, featuring forced air cooling, with electronic spark ignition system.

Car can reach approximately 59+ Miles/hour (90 Km/h) maximum speed.

Standard battery charger using 12V output from a car cigarette lighter with 2 x 4.8 Volt.

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