with HP GOLD CUPS you have the POWER and PRESTIGE

HP  .61 GOLD  CUP  Ringed and ABC

You'll get the best performance from any 60 size aircraft with this precision engine.
Vertical power, instant acceleration, smooth operation and reliable service are the benchmarks of this thoroughly proven engine.


Engine Weight

17.1 oz

Muffler Weight

3.6 oz


2.1 HP @15,000rpm

Practical RPM

2,000 - 16,000

Prop Size

11x8, 12x6, 12x7

Schnuerle ports with boost port
Crankshaft support
Double ball bearings
Piston/Cylinder Type
ABC or Ringed construction
Carburetor style
Twin needle Slide Carb with accelerator pump
Prop Shaft Thread
Muffler Hole Spacing
35mm (1.377") Thread Size 4x.7mm

The HP .61 F R/C Gold Cup comes with this new muffler design. Before RJL bought HP in the early 1990 all mufflers were of a strap on design.

The first thing RJL did with the new production was to make the muffler bolt on with two 4mm Allen screws.

Now MECOA, which is RJL's new name, made new dies and slightly different muffler than the original style.Still have that great looking black anodized finish and mounts with the same two Allen Screws.

You can purchase the muffler seperatley by clicking here

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