Here are some photos of our customers having fun!!!


Do you want your airplane, boat or car (powered by one of our engines) shown on this page?

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Martin's Toki .20 Ducted Fan Powered Jet
Kraig's K&B powered Dumas boat... finished after 37 years.
Jens Blume great looking vintage HB .25 powered boat.
Gus Kindweiler's 1970s pattern plane called The Renegade with a HP Gold Cup .61
Mike Dierker's scratch built Taurus powered by a K&B 61
Dave Dawson holds his winning Texas Quickie Rat
Marty Hammersmith ---   Here is a photo of my Precision Aero "Crazy Thing" powered by a RJL Conquest .15. Airplane weight is 31 ounces and is very fast.
Joseph C. Perry --- Plane Powered by K&B .61
Randy, ...this is what the HB .61 will be put in, roughly. This critter would rip my arm off, everything's wrong! But it makes my pulse jump every time I see it. Regards, Steve Helmick
Steve and Dave from Washington State with Lanier Shrike's powered by Conquest .15's
C.W. Holden with a HP 1.20 powered AeroSport
Glen Bartholonew uses a HP VT.21
John Epley with a Conquest .15 powered Free Flight
Dale Long's Conquest powered fleet of C/L planes
Close up of one of Dale Long's C/L planes
C.R. Smith with a HP.61 powered Jet