Cunningham BlueStreak .647


The Cunningham Blue Streak .647 is basically a Orwick with
a ball bearing crankshaft and cast on mounting lugs and venturi.
Produced in the forties, it is a very rare engine as very few were made.
It's actually better than the Orwick because it has
a more conventional design and a ball bearing crank.

Like the originals, these current production models feature a
lapped iron piston, bar stock connecting rod, and
ball bearing crankshaft. The originals came with a "make" timer
which the cam actually closes the contact point. Our current production
comes standard with a "break" type (same as Orwick) timer
where the cam opens the contact.

Differences from the original
Knurled prop drive  •  Orwick style timer on ignition version standard
Original style timer optional extra  •  Slightly larger crank diameter & rear bearing
Better looking blue finish.

•Ball bearing crankshaft
• Lapped iron piston
• Loop scavenged
• Bore: .937
• Stroke: .937
• Displacement: .647
• Weight: 12.1 oz (glow version)
• 12.6 oz (ignition version)



Glow Version Also Available



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