RJL has been producing engines since 1980. Many designs have never made it to mass production. Here's a rare peek at some of our never before seen prototypes.

1969 - Cox Concept II Rear Intake  ---- 1969 - Cox Concept II Front Intake  Designed by Bill Atwood. .29 & .35 size

1972 - Cox .049 prototype made from castings

1974 - Original Kraft .61 Swirle Schnuerle

1984 - RJL 6 cylinder, 60cc, 2 stroke

1984 - RJL 4 cylinder, 40cc marine engine

1985 - RJL RCMAT Target Drone Engine

1992 - .09 four stroke engine made by RJL about 1990 as a joint project with Mr. Oki of Tokyo, Japan (Founder and former president of Kalt Helicopters). This design was dropped in favor of a 2 stroke design fashioned after the Elf engine produced in the 1930's. If you find this engine, please notify us.