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HB .61 & .61 PDP with muffler

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The HB .61 is a renowned engine for durability and performance. It was used by the US Army to power target drones in the 1980's. Its light weight and high power make it a favorite for many modelers. The patented PDP ports boost the power without increasing fuel consumption. These 4 finger ports are located on the exhaust side of the baffle and introduce an additional fuel charge in a normally dead area of a loop scavenged engine design.

HB .61
HB .61 PDP
Horsepower *
1.45 @ 16,000 RPM
1.85 @ 16,000 RPM
Practical RPM *
1800 ~ 16,000
1800 ~ 19,000
Porting Arrangement
Loop Scavenged
Loop Scavenged with PDP ports
Bore & Stroke
.945" (24mm) Ø x .866" (22mm)
Prop Shaft Thread
1/4 x 28
Piston/cylinder type
Dykes ring piston / hardened steel liner
Connecting Rod
Forged Aluminum bushed at both ends
One piece hardened Steel
.61 cu. in. (9.97 ccm)
Engine Weight
14.6 oz. (413 gr.)
Muffler Weight
4.2 oz. (119 gr.)
Double Ball Bearing supported crankshaft
O-ring sealed twin needle with full fuel metering, composite body.
Carburetor neck Dia
.530" (13.5mm) Ø
Carburetor Throat
.312" (8mm) Ø
*Specification's subject to change depending on fuel, prop, exhaust system, etc.


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