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Removing PISTON and Connecting Rods

Sometimes it is difficult to get the connection rod to pop off the crank pin.

A simple tool for this is a carriage bolt.


You always have to remove the sleeve to do this. CLICK HERE TO SEE HOW.



Do not force the connecting rod.

Be sure you already removed the cylinder liner.

If there is an access hole on the back of the crankcase, you may have to pull the wrist pin out first.



Some engines like this FOX 50 may need to have the crank/rod position at bottom dead center or close to it to be removed.

You need to determine where in the crankcase the piston has the most room to rock or move.

It may help to rotate the crankshaft about 5 degrees back and forth at the same time as moving it off the pin.


Some engines have a wrist pin access cap on the back side. Some just have an open hole.

Shown are a K&B 61 and a WEBRA Speed .40

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