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On newer outboards, an access hole is provided in the lower unit for pre operation
lubrication of the flex shaft. We recommend that each time,
before you run the engine, you lube the flex shaft with a mixture of
50% STP & 50% 20-50 weight oil.

On all outboards we recommend that you periodically remove, inspect, and re-lube the entire
flex shaft with K&B P # 8449 shaft lube or equivalent for maximum
cable life.

To remove the flex shaft, remove the 4 screws that attach the power head
to the lower leg. Pull the flex shaft out and grease it.

You can also access the flex shaft through the prop shaft by removing the prop shaft
housing/bearing assembly. NOTE: The bearing housing has a left hand thread.
We don't recommend this access as it is more difficult than removing the power head.



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