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Can't get the Draw Bar out?

The draw bar is a nice sliding fit or a very slight press, not more than you can push with your fingers. A press fit is wrong.

There are basically 2 types of draw bars. The single sided and double sided.

Double sided type
Single sided type
Do not mistake this threaded hole as missing something. It is just the threaded through hole from the tightening screw on the other side.

Double sided type...
Looses the screw until you have about 1/8" space between the head and the draw bar.

Single sided type...
Loosen the nut a few turns so their is a gap between the nut and the housing.

Some draw bars have a loose enough fit that you can push it with your fingers. Try that first.

BE CAREFUL, Tap very lightly.

You do not need to put much force to make it move. You my not even notice any movement so after you tap it go to the next step.

You should be able to rotate the carburetor back and forth and it should loosen.
The carb should just pull out.

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