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This is how to cut a CB spinner for your propeller
This requires mechanical skill, ability and know-how to complete. You must be the judge of your own ability. YOU are the person who is assuming all responsibility for your activity. Please read USE AGREEMENT
Some CB Spinners do not have cutouts for your propeller. Even spinners with cutouts many times will need to be enlarged to fit your choice of propeller.
Trace the back plate onto a piece of paper.
Align the prop onto the tracing.
Mark the shape of the blade onto the spinner.

Use a Dremal tool with a straight cutting 1/8" cutter.

Do not use a knife. A knife can leave sharp corners (stress risers) in the plastic which can cause the spinner to fracture. THIS IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO DO IT RIGHT.

It is easier to make the first cut resting your hand on the inside of the spinner cone.
After the first rough cut you may have to remark the cone several times before you finish
Finish cuts should be performed from the outside so as to keep the cut parallel to the prop.
The rough finish of the cutout should clear the blade of the prop by 3/32" to 1/8"
Finish the cutout. No sharp corners allowed. This can cause the spinner to fracture.

You shouldn't use a knife as it is easy to make nicks and sharp corners. These are stress risers and can cause a failure.

This really depends on YOUR SKILL LEVEL.


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