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How to remove the mixture disk
Removal on style with the main needle that's attached to the mixture disk
Mixture disk type K&B carburetors came in several styles with both cast and machined bar stock bodies. Mixture disks varied with main needle attached and without for use with remote main needles. The mixture disk was adjusted with an eccentric screw which was later eliminated. The disk was held in with just the o-rings snapping into mating grooves in the body. Later a slot and locking screw were used and then a small screw with a ratchet wire spring was screwed in from the side and the tip of the screw retained the disk in the groove between the o-rings.
The mixture disk in the style K&B carb is only held in by the two o-rings that seal the fuel passage.
By firmly pulling the the needle and body apart, the mixture disk will pop out.
O-rings should be inspected as they seal the fuel passage.

Disk removal on style with remote needle



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The disk is removed in the same fashion, however it is held in place by the small screw that also holds the small wire ratchet spring. This is a Phillips head screw located in the front of the body.

Remover this screw and use a small screw driver or knife blade between the mixture disk and carb body to pry the disk out.

When reassembling, use Loctite on the screw threads to seal it as it does protrude into the fuel passage area.


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