We are considering bringing back select Fox and K&B Fuels
Fox Brand all Castor
Gold Star
Dukes Fuel
Missile Mist
5% Nitromethane
20% Castor
10% Nitromethane
20% Castor
25% Nitromethane
18% Castor
5% Nitromethane
29% Castor
K&B Supersonic Brand Castor/Synthetic blend with X2C

5% Nitromethane
10% Castor
10% Synthetic
(20% oil)

12½% Nitromethane
9% Castor
9% Synthetic
(18% oil)
25% Nitromethane
9% Castor
9% Synthetic
(18% oil)
Above Fox and K&B fuel mixtures may contain 2% of proprietary additives.
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