Our shop & production manager of over 35 years
has passed away on December 20th 2022

Chris Green has been a key part of our business since the 1980s. I met Chris when he was 13 years old. He was the grandson of the owner of a motorcycle shop I worked at in the mid 70s. We used to go the dirt track races at Ascot Raceway and motocross races at Irwindale Speedway here in Southern California in the later 70s.

Chris went into the Navy and got his A&P License when stationed on an aircraft carrier for several years. After leaving the Navy he came and worked for us at RJL Industries (MECOA).

Chris assembled or over saw the assembly of the engines we produced. Here is a short clip of him on Modern Marvels Click Here

Chris also was key in the manufacturing, assembly and inspection of the Defense Department products we produce.

Chris making parts for GE Aerospace 2022

Chris spent many weeks sorting and identifying the vast amount of parts from all the companies we rescued. He also performed most of our machine maintenance.

Chris was a huge asset to our company and he will be dearly missed. Truly an UN-replaceable key person so please bear with us even more as most of Chris' duties will now fall on my shoulders and I was already overloaded.

Chris was only 62 and this was unexpected.

R.I.P. Chris

We all miss you.

Randy, Angie and staff