Very Sad Industry News 12-30-2022

We were just informed that Clarence Lee and his wife Peggy have both passed away.

Peggy passed Wednesday the 21st of December at the age of 96 and Clarence on Wednesday the 28th at age 99. They were married over 76 years and still lived on their own. They had a tragic accident in their home, of which they didn't survive.

Peggy and Clarence were inseparable. Peggy would call us to order K&B .61's in parts for Clarence to modify and they would drive out to our factory together to pick them up.

Clarence was a key figure in the model engine design and manufacturing since the early 1950s. For many years, Clarence wrote the Engine Clinic column for RC Modeler Magazine and later for Model Airplane News. His articles reviewed engines and answered questions from modelers for over 50 years.

Well know internationally, Clarence even helped OS write most of the instruction sheets for older OS engines.

Clarence designed the VECO engines that Henry Engineering produced in the 1950s and 1960s which were later made by K&B Mfg. In fact we still make the VECO 19 and K&B .61.

Clarence also made the famous Sidewinder engine. A great webpage about Clarence is here

We were good friends with both Peggy and Clarence and they attended many parties we had through the years. We will truly miss them both and they will be forever in out hearts. So sad that another key figure in the hobby has passed.

Clarence, Randy, and Peggy at our open house January 2008